3 Myths About Your Menstrual Cycle. That Every Woman Should Know About


breaking down some common myths


MYTH 1 : it’s normal to have menstrual pain

I can’t even tell you the amount of conversations I’ve had with women who experience menstrual pain.

But, the fact is – period pain and PMS are not normal. Your period or menses, is your very own, personal, monthly health report. Pain is signalling to you + your body that something is out of balance. Consider it as your warning sign.

Menstrual pain, is almost always connected to inflammation. That’s why you reach for an Ibprofen or Motrin or worse a prescribed pain medication. It’s to reduce the inflammation. 

So, what is your body signalling to you? We could be looking at first inflammation which can lead into nutrient deficiencies, burden to our detoxification system, thyroid issues or a hormonal imbalance.


MYTH 2 : medication is my only option for my period pain

As a naturopath, we work to find the root cause, the WHY behind the inflammation, and we work at diet + lifestyle to reduce/remove the cause. Medication, when it comes to women’s health and period pain tends to always be a band-aid solution. They don’t solve and reduce the cause of inflammation, they just ease you through the pain, and the pain will most often always return.

Now, yes if you need to reach for a pain medication every now + then – that is of course OKAY. It’s when we create a habit out of using the medication, for a couple days, each month.

Remember, your period is your monthly health report, if the pain is showing up monthly, it is very likely the inflammation is affecting other areas of your body.


MYTH 3 : my period is on a perfect 28 day cycle and that’s all thanks to the pill

This is such a wild myth, and trust me, one I personally believed for so many years. Proud to share that I was a perfect 28-day cycler.

The pill does not provide you with a true period or will regulate your cycle. The bleeding you do have while on the pill, is referred to as a ‘withdrawal bleed’. It’s the period of time during your pill pack where you are taking no synthetic hormones. Essentially, it is your body responding to a withdrawal of these hormones.

Many women start the pill because they were told the pill will regulate their cycle. Yes, it does provide you with a very consistent 28 day cycle, but this is solely due to the use of overloading synthetic hormones.

What we need to be cautious of, is WHY we aren’t having a regular cycle. Cycle lengths vary from woman-to-woman, and can range from 24-38 days when not taking hormonal contraceptives. When we come off the pill, it is very common to return back to our ‘pre-pill era’.


Menstrual cycles are one of my favourite topics. For good reason. As a naturopath, I ask questions about your bleeding and cycle, that you may have never been asked before. It is your monthly check in and should be so embraced every single month.


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