Fertility SUPPORT Program

using individualized treatment protocols that combine acupuncture, lifestyle + diet and supplementation to increase the likelihood of conceiving naturally

This program is curated for the couple that wants to improve their chances of conceiving naturally, before turning to other assisted reproductive methods like IUI and IVF.

Women are waiting longer than ever to start families. Combine that with reliable, long-term contraceptive use, we are seeing a huge shift in family planning. Our biology + evolution is designed for us to reproduce early and often, but our culture + society had different plans. For when we are ‘ready’ to start planning a family, our bodies may not be.

It’s very common for a couple to rush into assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures before looking towards more natural therapies when trying to conceive. We shift into these procedures before examining our physical and emotional well-being. Which, of course, is incredibly understandable. Being diagnosed with a condition that directly affects our fertility, we will do anything we can + are told to do to achieve pregnancy.

But, what if we took a step back. Looking at healing as a whole to restore any imbalances by working with nature, our innate system, in a supportive way.

 Why 90 days?

Ideally, 90 days is the minimum amount of time. It’s really that 3-6-month period we want to narrow in on. The egg that is successful in pregnancy, takes 90 days to mature. Meaning, it takes at least 90 days on your individualized preconception plan to make the significant changes that will reflect in your egg quality.

90 days, or 3 cycles, is also the time we start to see changes with our hormones and our cycles when following an individualized plan.

90 days, is also the sweet spot for solidifying any healthy rituals. Which will then carry on throughout pregnancy and ideally your lifetime.

If you and your partner are thinking about starting a family and you are experiencing any of the following symptoms or conditions, book an appointment below and we can chat + create a personalized preconception plan,

+ endometriosis
+ painful periods
+ irregular periods
+ amenorrhea
+ heavy bleeding
+ spotting in between periods
+ breast tenderness
+ low libido
+ stress