Hi! I’m Dr. Kara, Naturopath & Founder of Living Apothecary


My personal journey in health was transformed when I found Naturopathic Medicine. Having struggled with anxiety for most of my life, I found myself in a deep dive of exhaustion and complete burnout. It wasn’t until I saw a Naturopathic Doctor that I felt that shift inside me. That by treating me as a whole instead of a symptom was what my body needed all along. This was profound to me. So profound that I continued my education to be able to provide the same relief I felt, to others.

Whether you are dealing with infertility, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, burnout, or autoimmune disorders. I’m here to help. I love helping others find their way back to themselves. To feel their most radiant, vibrant, empowered self.

With each visit, we deep dive into your health. Tapping into your physical, emotional + mental space. We always work to heal as a whole, and never just as a symptom. I use the word ‘we’, because we truly work as a team. I will always provide a space for healing with the most appropriate tools that allow you to achieve your wellness goals. These tools may include acupuncture, food choices, lifestyle recommendations, and when the time is right, herbal + nutritional supplements.

By showing up, making the commitment + following the recommendationsyou are truly in charge of becoming your most radiant self.

If you have any questions about my practice or naturopathic medicine, please email me at