living apothecary tea strainer

living apothecary tea strainer


stainless steel branded tea strainer

we’ve brought to you our very own Living Apothecary Tea Strainer. we decided to go with a stainless steel reusable tea strainer, because the environment is important to us.

how to use:

+ add one serving of your favourite Living Apothecary tea blend to the strainer
+ add your hot water, to immerse the botanicals
+ place the lid back onto the strainer. *this is an important step + why we opted for a lid. when steeping, the steam contains all the volatile oils that we want to keep in the cup to make it as therapeutic as possible
+ once your tea is finished steeping, remove the lid, flip over, and place your strainer into the lid to avoid any spilt tea
+ sit back and enjoy your tea

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